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Fume Vapes

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Fume Vapes are one of the most popular disposable vapes, manufactured by QRJOY with a distribution center in Florida. Each model offers a unique and satisfying vaping experience. Dive into the rich flavors crafted for Fume Extra, discover the enhanced experience with Fume Ultra, and explore the limitless possibilities with Fume Infinity. Whether it's the refreshing fusion of Fruitia x Fume or the unique collaboration with Nicky Jam, Fume flavors aims to provide vapers with a range of choices that cater to different taste preferences. Fume Vapes come in a few different product lines, and flavors.

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Product FAQs

A Fume vape is a type of electronic cigarette that uses a pod-based system and disposable pods filled with e-liquid.

Fume offers a range of flavors, including tobacco, menthol, fruit, and dessert flavors.

Fume pods typically last for around 1500-7000 puffs, or 2-5 days of use. Depends which Model.

No, Fume Vapes are designed to be disposable and cannot be refilled.

Fume Disposable Vape should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations for electronic waste.

Fume vapes are generally considered safer than traditional cigarettes, but they still contain nicotine and other chemicals that can be harmful.

Fume vapes are marketed as a smoking cessation tool, but their effectiveness in this regard is not yet fully understood.

Fume vapes and pods are available for purchase at many vape shops and online retailers.

The cost of Fume vapes and pods varies depending on the model and the retailer, but they typically range around $15-$30 per device.

The Fume Infinity does not require any maintenance or cleaning. As a disposable vape, it is designed to be used until the e-juice and battery are depleted, and then disposed of. However, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions for optimal usage and to ensure safety.