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Burnt Taste in TMT Disposable Vape ?

Addressing Burnt Taste in TMT Disposable Vape

Experiencing a burnt taste from your TMT disposable vape can be unpleasant and frustrating. Understanding the causes of this issue can help you avoid it and ensure a better vaping experience. Here’s a detailed guide to why your TMT disposable vape might taste burnt and how to prevent it.

Key Features of the TMT Disposable Vape

Before diving into the possible reasons for the burnt taste, let's explore the key features that define your TMT disposable vape:

  • Puffs: Enjoy up to 15,000 puffs from a single TMT disposable vape, offering extensive use before needing replacement.

  • E-liquid Capacity: With a generous 20ml e-liquid capacity, the TMT ensures long-lasting enjoyment without frequent refills, ideal for extended vaping sessions.

  • Battery Capacity: Powered by a robust 650mAh battery, the TMT disposable vape provides reliable and sustained power throughout its lifespan, supporting consistent vapor production.

  • Nicotine Strength: Featuring a moderate 5mg nicotine strength, the TMT delivers a balanced vaping experience, suitable for users seeking a satisfying nicotine hit without overwhelming intensity.

  • Rechargeable: Despite its disposable nature, the TMT vape is rechargeable via USB, allowing for convenient recharging when needed, ensuring continuous use and reducing environmental impact.

These features collectively enhance the vaping experience, offering convenience, longevity, and consistent performance. However, understanding potential issues that may cause a burnt taste is essential to maintaining optimal enjoyment.

Common Reasons for a Burnt Taste in Your TMT Disposable Vape

  1. E-Liquid Depletion
    A common cause of a burnt taste is running out of e-liquid. When the e-liquid is low or completely depleted, the wick (which absorbs the e-liquid) dries out and burns when heated by the coil. Despite the high 20ml e-liquid capacity, frequent usage can deplete the e-liquid faster than expected. Keeping track of the number of puffs can help anticipate when the e-liquid might be running low.

  2. Chain Vaping
    Vaping continuously without giving the wick enough time to absorb more e-liquid can lead to a burnt taste. This is known as chain vaping. Taking rapid, consecutive puffs can dry out the wick and cause it to burn, especially with a high puff count device like the TMT disposable vape.

  3. High Wattage or Voltage
    Although disposable vapes typically have fixed settings, some models may allow adjustments. Using too high a wattage or voltage can cause the e-liquid to vaporize too quickly, leading to dry hits and a burnt taste. Ensure you are using the device within its recommended settings.

  4. Priming Issues
    If the wick wasn’t properly saturated with e-liquid before the first use, it could burn and produce a burnt taste. While this is less common with disposable vapes, it can still happen, especially if the device was mishandled during manufacturing or storage.

  5. Device Defects
    Occasionally, a burnt taste might result from a defect in the device. Manufacturing issues can sometimes lead to improper coil or wick placement, causing premature burning.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Recharge the Device
    Since the TMT disposable vape is rechargeable, ensure the device is fully charged. Connect it to a USB charger and allow it to charge completely. A fully charged battery can provide consistent power to the coil, preventing it from burning the wick due to insufficient power.

  2. Check the E-Liquid Level
    Even with a 20ml e-liquid capacity, frequent use can deplete the e-liquid. If the device is running low on e-liquid, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Regularly monitoring the e-liquid level can help prevent the burnt taste.

  3. Avoid Chain Vaping
    Give your device a few seconds between puffs to allow the wick to absorb more e-liquid. This can prevent the wick from drying out and burning. Moderate usage helps maintain the quality of your vaping experience.

  4. Inspect for Short Circuits
    Check for any signs of a short circuit. Avoid using the device if you suspect a short circuit and contact the manufacturer for further assistance. Regularly inspecting the device for any signs of damage or moisture can help prevent short circuits and ensure safe usage.

  5. Ensure Proper Connections
    Make sure all connections within the device are secure. If the device can be disassembled, check that the battery is properly connected to the other components. Ensuring all connections are tight and secure can prevent blinking issues related to connection problems.

Preventative Measures

To avoid encountering a burnt taste in the future, consider these preventative measures:

  • Regular Charging: Keep the battery charged to ensure optimal performance. Use the USB port for efficient and quick charging. Avoid letting the battery drain completely to maintain its health.
  • Proper Storage: Store your vape in a cool, dry place to prevent overheating and moisture damage. Proper storage conditions can prolong the device's lifespan and ensure consistent performance.
  • Monitor Usage: Keep track of your usage to anticipate when the device might need refilling or recharging. Regular monitoring can help you maintain the device's performance and avoid unexpected issues.
  • Avoid Overheating: Use the device as directed and avoid prolonged usage that could cause overheating. Moderate usage and allowing the device to cool down between uses can prevent overheating and ensure the device's longevity.


A burnt taste in your TMT disposable vape can be caused by several factors, including e-liquid depletion, chain vaping, high wattage or voltage, priming issues, and device defects. By understanding these causes and following the troubleshooting steps, you can prevent this unpleasant experience and enjoy a satisfying vaping session. Regular maintenance, moderate usage, and proper storage will help ensure your disposable vape delivers the best possible flavor. If issues persist, consider trying a different device or consulting with the manufacturer for further assistance.