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Fume Q&A

Fume Q&A

How to charge a Fume vape?

Fume UNLIMITED contains a USB-C rechargeable 400mAh built-in battery and a gigantic 14mL capacity that is pre-filled. You can recharge your Fume UNLIMITED device using the USB cable. 

How much is Fume vape?

At Smoker's World Fume EXTRA costs $10.49
Fume ULTRA costs $15.49
Fume INFINITY costs $17.49
Fume UNLIMITED costs $20.49

How long do Fume vapes last? 

Fume EXTRA contains approximately 1,500 Puffs.
Fume ULTRA  contains approximately 2.500 Puffs.
Fume INFINITY contains approximately 3,500 Puffs.
Fume UNLIMITED contains approximately 7,000 Puffs.

How much nicotine is in Fume vapes?

Fume vapes contains 5% nicotine.

Where to buy Fume vapes?

You can purchase Fume vapes at our website for the best prices and deals. 

Are Fume vapes good?

Fume vapes are one of the best disposable vapes in the market today. 

Why is Fume vape blinking? 

The Fume disposable vape battery is dead. If you have been using the Fume vape for a while and it starts blinking, it means it is most likely out of battery. 

Do Fume vapes have calories?

Yes, there are calories in e-liquids. E-liquid contains about 5 calories per 1ml.

Does Amazon sell Fume vapes? 

No, Amazon does not sell nicotine products.