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HQD Cuvie air Vs HQD Cuvie Plus

HQD cuvie plus Vs. HQD Cuvie Air

HQD cuvie plus Vs. HQD Cuvie Air – Comparison

HQD is one of the most authentic brands in the industry that earned a lot of goodwill by providing high-quality vape devices at a reasonable price range. They got a handful of devices that are unique and serve specific purposes.

HQD Cuvie Plus and Cuvie Air are two such devices that got the highest ratings from customers and reviewers. They both are highly portable, efficient, stylish, and can offer fantastic vaping sessions that can satisfy your craving for nicotine and flavors.

Although they both got the highest ratings, what’s the difference between them? What to look for when comparing HQD Cuvie plus Vs. HQD Cuvie air? Let’s explore.

Flavor choice

Disposables attract people looking for flavors that can amuse their tastebuds. HQD Cuvie plus is the king of flavors that offers 45 delicious flavors. Each one is authentic and delicious, so it’s obvious why many returning buyers keep ordering different flavors everytime.


The list of flavors is versatile and can fit the personal preferences of all vapers. You can choose from flavors that give you a chill, hot, fruity, sweet, and tangy taste. The list got flavors suitable for various locations, seasons, and weather.


On the other hand, HQD Cuvie air offer only 10 flavors. If you are too keen on enjoying multiple flavors, you might want to try Cuvie plus. However, HQD Cuvie air serves a different purpose altogether.


HQD Cuvie Plus Specs & features


  • Battery – 950 Mah
  • Wattage range – 7w to 12w
  • More than 1200 puffs
  • 5ml e-juice capacity
  • 50mg/ml concentration
  • 8ohms coil
  • 45 mind-blowing flavors


All-day Vaping


HQD Cuvie air is the winner when it comes to features crucial for extended vaping sessions and cloud production. HQD Air comes with a 12ml e-juice capacity and a 1600Mah battery that powers the device. With Cuvie Air, one can enjoy more than 4000 puffs, and it produces thich vapor suitable for MTL vaping.


HQD Cuvie plus offer a wide range of flavors, but it comes with a 5ml e-juice capacity that can give 1200+ puffs. Although it got a lot of flavors, Cuvie plus lacks on puffs count and battery capacity. If you are too keen on puff counts, pick HQD Cuvie air over Cuvie plus.


HQD Cuvie Air Specs & specifications


  • 1600 Mah battery
  • 12ml e-juice
  • 50mg/ml
  • More than 4000 puffs
  • 4ohm heating element


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