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LOY Disposables Vapes: XL vs. XXL

LOY Disposables Vapes: XL vs. XXL


Did you hear about the disaster with Vuse Vibe?

Inefficient Vuse Vibe vape pens were overheating and putting consumers at risk. The company had to put out of recall on all 2.6 million of its vaping devices.

For a premium vaping experience, you have to buy disposable vapes from a premium brand like Loy. However, choosing a name-brand company is just the start.

You'll also want to dive into the different vaping features so you can pick a device that matches your lifestyle. Take, for instance, the Loy XL and the Loy XXL Flow; they're 2 name-brand vaping options that bring a lot to the table. We've put together this guide to help you choose the right design for you.

What are the differences between Loy's top 2 vape pens? Read on to find out.

Loy XL Flow Disposable Vape Features

Let's start by going over the Loy XL Flow Disposable Vape. The Loy XL Flow is a disposable e-cig, it's also a disposable vape pod device. A 1000 mah battery powers the device.

The robust battery gives you the ability to enjoy 1500 puffs. That means you could have a non-stop vaping experience! Along with satisfying all of your nicotine cravings, you'll also be able to impress your taste buds. Studies show certain flavors can completely change your mood.

Thanks to the wide variety of flavors, you'll always have unique choices. The fantastic flavors will mesmerize your taste buds and put you in the perfect mood.

You can choose hot flavors if you live somewhere that gets hot. Chili flavors if it's the middle of winter. Or a sweet taste if you have a sweet tooth! The sky's the limit when choosing Loy XL Flow disposable vape flavors.

What else does this powerful e-cig bring to the table? Loy XL Flow disposables are highly portable. Their innovative designs allow them to be leak-free and convenient to carry. You'll be able to move your vape from one spot to the next without worrying about e-juice spills.

You won't even have to buy a vape-carrying case. Instead, you can pop a few Loy XL Flow disposable vape pods in your pocket and be on your way.

Loy XXL Flow Disposable Vape Features

How does the Loy XXL compare?

Loy XXL Flow is a sequel to the Loy XL. It offers the same features as the original version and more!

Users can enjoy a more powerful, sleek, and stylish design. It's an opportunity you can't afford to miss. If you're looking for a non-stop vaping experience, this improved model is a move in the right direction.

The Loy XXL Flow features over 2,400 puffs. You could vape all day without spending a ton of money. Are you somebody who only vapes a little bit every day? People who only vape 2-3 times a day could use their Loy Flow XXL for over 2 days!

As far as the battery is concerned, your vape will stay powered all day long without any problems. Featuring a 1100mah battery, The Loy XXL is mighty. If you're unfamiliar with mah battery ratings, this guide helps break it down.

Since the battery lasts longer, you'll never have to worry about wasting any of your delicious e-juice. And trust us, the e-juice is delicious!

One of our favorite features has to be the improved airflow. A lot of people wind up buying the XXL model because they want to make ultimate clouds!

Similar to the original version, you'll be able to enjoy a 5% nicotine strength with the Loy XXL flow. Since the Loy XXLhas so many excellent features, it's incredible that they can offer it at such a reasonable price point.

What Are the Price Differences?

Now that you know the differences between the 2 vapes let's talk about price points. A single Loy XL disposable vape is priced at $10.49. This price doesn't include the shipping cost.

Alternatively, the Loy XXL has a price point starting at $13.95. This price also doesn't include shipping costs.

Typically, you will get the best deal if you buy a pack of vapes. A variety pack will also allow you to try more fun flavors!

For a 6-pack of Loy vapes, you can pay anywhere from $60 to $90. The price is going to depend on whatever specials you can find online.

For a 6-pack of the Loy XXL disposable vapes, you'll pay anywhere from $80 to $120. Again, the price difference will depend on the deals you find and where you buy from.

What Exciting Flavors Are There?

We've mentioned the delicious flavors that Loy vapes offer, but what exactly are they? Whether you're getting the Loy XXL or the original model, you'll have access to a ton of great flavors.

However, certain flavors are only available with the Loy XXL Flow option.

Loy XXL Flavors

Flavors like candy lush, crunchy cream donuts, candy, and unicorn flavors are only available with a Loy XXL flow vape. Gummy peach, lush berries, strawberry banana, lush ice, strawberry watermelon, or mighty mint; are just a few more tasty options.

Loy XL Flavors

What flavors are available for the original Loy XL vape pod? You'll be able to enjoy fun tastes such as mango grape, double bubble, and grape slushie. But the fun doesn't stop there!

Other flavors include rainbow, blueberry slushie, blueberry kiwi ice, and mango strawberry. The list goes on with about 15 or more incredible flavors to choose from.

The list of flavors constantly grows as manufacturers bring new tastes to the table. It can be fun switching pens throughout the day, so you can enjoy different tastes.

Disposable Vapes That Match Your Lifestyle

After reading this article, what disposable vapes are the right ones for you?

Whichever vape you choose, you can't go wrong. Loy is one of the top vape brands across the nation. They pride themselves on offering stunning vapes that exceed customer expectations. That's why they're on our site!

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