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The Market Growth of Disposable Vapes

Disposable Vapes


In 2020, 12.5% of adults in the US reported they smoke cigarettes. 

If you're someone looking to quit cigarettes, there's a good chance you've considered vaping. Vaping has become quite popular and offers the chance to puff on some delicious flavors, such as strawberry or bubble gum. 

In the past, many vapes were cumbersome and required consistent refills to use. This is no longer the case! Disposable vapes have made vaping much easier (and a whole lot cooler-looking). 

Below is a guide on the market growth of disposable vapes. We'll show you why you should give them a chance. 

What Is a Disposable Vape?

A disposable vape is as straightforward as most standard vapes. They're made up of a tank, coil, and battery. 

They differ from standard reusable vapes in the fact they don't require users to change out the coils and vape juice. Disposable vapes also don't need to be charged. 

You can order disposable vapes online, and many convenience stores and gas stations now sell them as well!

Major Players in the Market 

Selecting your favorite vape device is a tough choice because there are so many companies and flavors to choose from. We'll go ahead and introduce you to some of the major players in the market. 

Major brands to look out for include:

If you're never tried out a disposable vape or are looking for a new brand to try, read reviews from other users. Reviews often share how good the draws are from each vape and how each flavor tastes. 

When deciding what flavors to try out, start by thinking about what types of candies and drinks you enjoy. Do you like berry-flavored candies? Or the refreshing taste of mint?

You can also ask a close friend to take a draw from their vape. This will allow you to try out a flavor before deciding if you'd like to buy it. 

Expected Growth 

With how on-the-go our world is, we expect the disposable vape market to only keep growing. 

And now that the world is opening back up after the pandemic, people are on the move now more than ever. People need a disposable vape to take along on business trips and vacations. 

Sales of disposable vape devices will also continue to decrease as more and more people stop smoking cigarettes. They're a great, and much safer, alternative for cigarette smokers. 

As the market for disposable vapes continues to grow, we also hope to see improvements in eco-friendly designs. Some brands are already catching onto the importance of recyclable single-use vapes. 

It's exciting to see what the future will bring!

Benefits of Disposable Vapes

If you're still not convinced about buying a disposable vape for yourself, let us explain some of the undeniable benefits. We're sure we can convince you. 

Great for a Busy Life

Everyone seems to be constantly moving around! The roads are busier than ever, and our demands for work and school are only growing. 

Luckily for you, a disposable vape can keep up. They're lightweight with a portable design, allowing you to slip them into a backpack, pocket, or purse. 

Plus, you can find time for a draw here and there while walking to the bus stop or driving to your next destination. There's plenty of time in the day to enjoy your disposable vape devices. 

Easy to Travel With

And because they're great for a busy life, they're easy to travel with. There's no need to worry about bringing along chargers or extra vape juice refills. You have all you need in your hands. 

Check with airlines about flying with a disposable vape in your possession. They may ask you to keep it in your bag. If you aren't able to take it, you can easily buy one at a convenience shop upon arrival. 

Are you taking a bus or the train? Perfect! All you have to do is slip it into a bag to use later. 

Low Maintenance Option

People with a packed schedule need one thing- efficiency. 

Disposable vapes are low maintenance and efficient. All you have to do is open up the package, and you're all set! 

Don't stress about charging your vape each day or refilling it throughout the week. Once you're done, toss the disposable into the trash. No clean up needed. 

Cheaper for Short-Term Use

Are you someone that doesn't vape often but enjoys the occasional drag? Disposable vapes are much cheaper for short-term use compared to expensive refillable vapes. 

You can always invest in a reusable vape kit later if you think it's the best decision for you and your wallet. (Tip: Buying disposable vapes in large variety packs, as opposed to buying them individually, will save you money.)

Only Getting Better From Here: Disposable Vapes 

There's no way to escape the influence of disposable vapes. People all around town are using them for a quick burst of flavor and exciting buzz. Why not give it a go?

Disposable vapes come ready to use and are wonderful for living life on the go. Stash a couple in your purse and backpack to keep with you at work. And once you're done with one, just toss it in the garbage!

Explore the rest of our site for infinite choices of disposable vapes! We sell everything from single vapes to variety bundle packs. Drop us a line today with any questions, comments, or concerns.