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The Top Benefits of Monster Bar Disposable Vape

The Top Benefits of Monster Bar Disposable Vape-News

Monster Bar disposable vapes are highly recommended in the vaping community. Learn all of the top benefits of this type of vape here. 

Did you know the dream of today's vapes began almost a century ago?

It's true! We may think of vaping as a very modern phenomenon, but in 1927, Joseph Robinson filed a patent for an electric vaporizer that would allow people to inhale vapor without any danger.

We didn't have proper e-cigarettes until 2003, though, and the industry has spent the last two decades evolving vaping into a true art form. And the masterpiece of this new art form may very well be the Monster Bar disposable vape.

What makes this vape so special, and why should you give it a try? Keep reading to discover the best benefits of the Monster Bar disposable vapes!

What Is the Monster Bar?

Fittingly enough, the Monster Bar vape has been created by Monster Vape Labs. The company's name might make you think of Frankenstein, but this monster isn't scary at all. After hitting one of these bars, you might find yourself exclaiming, "It's alive!"

That's because, as a company, Monster Vape Labs has dedicated itself to creating a boutique vaping experience. The company knows you've enjoyed many disposable vapes from many different companies. However, this vape is designed to be the very best.

What makes it the best, though? Let's take a closer look at some of the specific Monster Bar benefits.

Ergonomic Grip

As you know, one of the benefits of disposable vapes is that you can take them with you. They are small and portable, making them an excellent choice for going on a road trip or just kicking around the house.

However, some vapes are poorly designed and downright uncomfortable to hold. And even if it doesn't seem that uncomfortable, your hand might be cramping up after taking a few puffs.

With these Monster vapes, you get an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold. On top of that, the circular mouthpiece is very comfortable on your lips and mouth when you vape. The result is a more comfortable experience than you will find with most other vapes on the market.

Strong Nicotine Strength

Disposable vapes are often touted as an alternative to cigarettes. This is because they provide a cleaner and more convenient way of getting a nicotine fix when you need it.

With that in mind, nicotine strength is significant. Some vapes on the market offer one percent nicotine strength or less. In other words, if you want more nicotine, you'll find yourself motoring through your puffs sooner rather than later.

With a Monster vape, though, you get a serious nicotine strength of five percent. This gets you the nicotine fix you need while preserving the puffs within your device.

Unique and Exotic Flavors

It's not uncommon for disposable vapes to come in a wide variety of flavors. After all, one of the most significant vaping benefits is that you can enjoy many flavors other than simple tobacco.

With that being said, Monster Bars offer a greater selection of flavors and greater quality than many competitors on the market. You might try out Frozen Banana Ice one week, Blueberry Raspberry Lemon the next week, and Mint the week after.

Eventually, you may want to try more exotic flavors such as PB & Grape Jam and Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate. With all these flavors to choose from, you will surely find one you love!

Consistently Tasty Puffs

If you've been vaping for a while, you have probably discovered a little secret: not all puffs are created equal. While different vapes offer hundreds or even thousands of puffs, it's not uncommon for the puffs toward the end to taste worse (sometimes much worse) than the earlier puffs.

This is often caused by the very design of your vape. Voltage output helps to keep each puff fresh and tasty as long as that output is constant. When the voltage varies, the quality of the flavors will vary as well.

With a Monster Bar, you can always expect consistent and constant voltage output. The last puff will always taste as good as the first puff. Of course, reaching that last puff may take a long time.

No Shortage of Puffs

If we're being honest, disposable vape design sometimes seems like a double-edged sword. The whole point of a disposable product is that you can use it up and toss it away without worrying about maintenance. But once you run out of puffs, it can be frustrating to keep ordering more vapes every few days.

And the more you puff, the worse the problem. Many disposable vapes on the market have 400 puffs or less in them. The average vaper is taking between 132 to 140 puffs per day. At that rate, you'll burn through a 400-puff vape in less than three days!

With Monster Bars, you get a whopping 3,500 puffs per vape! At 140 puffs per day, just one of these vapes will last most of the month. That way, you can enjoy all the benefits of disposable vapes while not constantly ordering replacement devices.

Sturdy Construction

Earlier, we discussed that disposable vapes are perfect for taking on the go. However, the more often you whip the vape out, the likelier you drop it accidentally. And even if you don't drop it, you never know when someone might jostle it out of your hands.

Many disposable vapes are useless after they hit the ground. This means double the frustration: now you can't get those puffs you were looking forward to, and you must order a new vape.

With Monster Bars, though, you get "monster" sturdiness. These things are tough enough to survive the occasional accidental drop. And that means they are safe to take with you wherever you go.

Get Your Monster Bar Vapes Today!

Now you know the many benefits of the Monster Bar. But do you know where to find the disposable vapes you've been looking for?

Here at Smoker's World, we specialize in bringing you only the greatest vapes at the best prices. To see how we can show you a "monster" good time, just contact us today!