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Vaping Device Trends: Your Guide to Vape Pods

Vaping Device Trends


The vape industry is currently worth more than 18 billion USD and is only expected to keep growing in the years ahead since vaping is only becoming more and more popular among the masses. Vape pods are becoming especially popular, but what are they exactly? How does a vape pod system compare to a regular type of vape?

Are vape pods necessarily better than other types of vapes? Keep reading and learn more about what makes vape pods special and how you can vape them like a pro.

What You Need to Know About Vape Pods

Vape pods are unique to ordinary vapes and they are far more versatile than you might expect. A pod vape is nothing more than a vaping system that is already filled with vape juice. However, some pod vapes have empty cartridges that you can fill with the vape juice of your choice.

There are disposable vape pods and reusable pods. Many people enjoy disposable vape pods because they are very easy to use. Since they are usually already filled with vape juice, all you need to do is use the pod vape until it's empty and then you can throw it away. 

These pods are powered by small batteries. There is also a heating device inside the pod which heats up the vape juice inside. When the vape juice hits a certain temperature, the heat will cause it to become a vapor. 

This is the exact vapor that you will inhale when drawing on a pod vape. You will find that some pod vapes have a switch that will allow you to turn the heating filament on or off. On the other hand, some pod vapes are automatic, so all you need to do is inhale and the heating filament will immediately heat the vape juice.

The Details

Refillable pod vapes are also quite convenient. Instead of throwing them away after the vape juice runs out, all you need to do is keep the pod itself and just refill it with a new vape juice cartridge. As long as you do that and you keep the pod vape in good shape, you should be able to keep it for as long as you want. 

Many people like both versions for a variety of reasons. For example, refillable pod vapes are more cost-efficient since you only need to replace the vape juice instead of the whole pod vape. On the other hand, disposable pod vapes are quite convenient since you can throw them away as soon as you're done with them. 

Pod vapes, in general, are also quite compact and small. This makes them very easy to carry around no matter where you might be. They are much more convenient than carrying around a whole pack of cigarettes. 

This is not to mention that pod vapes, in the long run, are much more affordable compared to traditional cigarettes. By the end of the year, you could end up saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by opting for vapes instead of cigarettes. 

The Benefits of Using Pod Vapes

One of the biggest benefits of pod vapes is that they are very easy to use. All you need to do is find the best pod vape for your preferences and inhale through the mouthpiece. Inhaling will bring the nicotine vapor into your lungs and the result should feel almost identical to smoking a cigarette. 

Some people feel that vaping is an especially smooth experience compared to smoking cigarettes. This is not to mention that pod vapes are quite a lot healthier compared to traditional cigarettes. After all, cigarettes are filled with tar and carbon monoxide, both of which are very bad for your health, especially your lungs. 

Pod vapes do not contain these harmful ingredients and, at the same time, you can get your fix of nicotine. This is not to mention that there are many flavored vape pods that you can choose from. Many people don't like the taste of straight nicotine from their vapes. 

What You Need to Know

If this sounds like you, then you can choose between unique vape flavors such as vanilla, cherry, raspberry, and other flavors. If you aren't sure which flavor you might like best, you can always try several different pod vapes and see which one resonates best with your taste buds. This is not to mention that pod vapes are very easy to maintain. 

Vape pod kits are very simple and all you really need to do to maintain your pod vape is wipe it down every once in a while. Wiping off the mouthpiece is especially important. Otherwise, the mouthpiece might start to get clogged with buildup from your saliva and it could become difficult to inhale any vapor from the mouthpiece. 

Another benefit is that pod vapes rarely leak. With other types of vapes, you might find yourself cleaning up spilled vape juice every so often, but this isn't the case with pod vapes. They are very secure, so no matter what you do with your vape, it shouldn't spill any vape juice anywhere and you can focus on enjoying your nicotine fix rather than cleaning up any messes.

All About Vape Pods

If you would love to start vaping but don't know where to start, vape pods might be the perfect solution. Vape pods are very small and convenient to bring around with you wherever you go. They are also quite affordable compared to cigarettes and you can choose between reusable or disposable pod vapes. 

They also come in a variety of flavors you can try. To learn more about vapes, contact us here