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Comparing Supreme Vape Puffs Per Device

Comparing Supreme Vape Puffs Per Device


Can you believe that smoking is on the decline in America while vaping is on the rise?

Once you've tried out vaping for yourself, it's not hard to see why more and more people are making the switch. Nowadays, it's even easier to enjoy vaping by investing in convenient vape devices, such as the ones from the highly-rated Supreme brand.

Are you wondering which Supreme devices are right for you? Keep reading to learn all about Supreme vape puffs with this comparative guide.

Supreme Max Disposable Vape

Disposable vapes are one of the most convenient ways to enter the world of vaping. The Supreme Max, in particular, is a wonderful product because it's small enough to fit into your pocket or purse. It contains a full 7 millimeters of vape juice and a battery of 950 mAH.

This is plenty of power to get you through the day and more. Of course, the lifespans depend on how after you use the device. This is where puff counts come in handy.

Are you asking yourself, "What are puff counts?" Simply put, a single puff is when you pull smoke from the device. Every time you do it, you're racking up your puff counts.

Since a disposable vape isn't a bong, for instance, your puff shouldn't last more than a second or two. Knowing how many puffs you take a day will tell you how long a device will last. The Supreme Max disposable vape has a hefty count of around 2,000 puffs.

After you use those up, all you have to do is properly dispose of the vape and break out a fresh one for your enjoyment. The nicotine strength of this particular device type ranges from 2% to 5%.

Best of all, there are around 13 flavors for you to try, including banana ice, blue razz, red apples, purple rain, peach ice, and mint ice, among others.

Supreme Epic Disposable Vape

Do you need a higher amount of puffs than the Supreme Max? If so, you'll be glad to know that the Supreme Epic boasts a count of around 5,000 puffs. Best of all, it still has a miniature design that can comfortably fit inside your pocket or elsewhere.

The juice capacity on this one clocks in at 13 milliliters. The battery's capacity is a whopping 1,500 mAH. Using high-quality nicotine salt, users love the fact that it has a content of 50 mg or 5%.

The coil is the mesh type and allows for heating you can rely on. Simply put, any vaping fan will love the Supreme Epic disposable vape.

You can get packs of 3, 6, or even 10. To emphasize, a pack of 10 will give you access to an amazing 50,000 puff count altogether. That way, you'll never run dry.

The Supreme Max has a few more flavors over the Epic, but you can still choose from 10 different and delicious juices. Some of the most popular flavors include watermelon candy, black ice, fresh lychee, chewy bear, and pineapple paradise, among others.

Supreme Pandora Nano Disposable Vape

Are you not a compulsive puffer? While having a high puff count can be great, sometimes it's just not necessary. You can save some money by investing in the Pandora Nano version of Supreme disposable vapes.

As the name suggests, it's one of the smallest disposable vapes out there, and you might even get some compliments on how adorable it looks. Since it's so small, you can even sneak it to work or other places where you need a bit of stealth and discretion. After all, there's no reason you shouldn't get your nicotine fix whenever you want it.

The puff count is a solid 1,500 puffs, give or take. Like the other devices mentioned above, this device also features a mesh coil. Since the puff count is lower, the battery is also less powerful and has an mAH of 750.

What the Supreme Pandora Nano might lack in puff counts, it makes up for in flavors to choose from. Your tastebuds will celebrate the fact that there are a total of 16 awesome flavors, such as rainbow, cush man, bubble gum, strawberry banana, peach ice, and blueberry mint, among others.

You could have a fun time with your friends and try them all. That way, you can find your absolute favorite and stick with it for as long as you'd like.

Supreme Zero Nicotine Vape Device

Are you trying to get rid of your nicotine habit altogether? After you've weaned yourself off cigarettes by using nicotine vape devices, you can switch to Supreme Zero. This amazing device has all the bursts of flavor you love without a single ounce of nicotine.

Like the Supreme Pandora Nano, the Zero has a sleek and stealthy design that makes it easy to take puffs throughout the day. The juice capacity is a generous 7 milliliters and the battery is capable of 950 mAH. The puff count is similar to the Supreme Max and clocks in at around 2,000 puffs.

Since this vape device is all about enjoying the flavors, you'll have a great time trying pina colada, melon ice, macchiato, gummy bear, red apples, and pure mint. In total, there are 13 flavors currently available. There's no denying that cutting out nicotine has never been easier and tastier.

Are You Ready to Try Supreme Vape Puffs?

Now that you've learned about Supreme vape puffs with this comparative guide, you can choose the device that suits your needs the best. Don't forget to recommend your favorites to your vaping friends and family.

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