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The Elf Bar Vape Range Is the Perfect Way to Enjoy Your Vape

Elf Bar Vape Range


As one in twenty Americans vape, we can see that it is a popular pastime that is starting to approach the popularity of even smoking. Though, if you are new to the activity, you might be looking for a good disposable vape. But how do you pick among the options out there?

Below, we lay out our reasoning for why you should try the ELF Bar vape, one of the most popular disposable vapes on the market. By the time you've finished reading, you might even be convinced to direct your browser to an ELF bar seller and buy one today.

How It Looks

ELF BAR has designed their vapes from the ground up to be simple, but perfect for whatever fashion choice you might make. They have a lightweight and low-impact silhouette that might be otherwise mistaken for a simple lighter. Their single-color aesthetic highlights this style, although this is not their only form.

For example, the Lux Series of ELF Bar devices show a variety of different pieces of artwork. Each of these bears a cyberpunk-style design that matches the futuristic feel of an advanced vaping device. Besides the artwork, they also come in a wide variety of colors that match different flavors.

Talking about the device's size and shape, it is a very slim item that can hide easily within a pocket or handbag. The small mouthpiece is also not out of place or oversized on the end of the vape. This simple design prevents it from appearing overengineered or otherwise tacky like many other vapes.

The surprising thing about this is that its creators could have skipped out here. ELF Bar vapes are items that you should dispose of after use. They did not need to imbue them with the sleek and fashionable style that they evoke, but they did anyway.

How It Works

 The makers of ELF Bar vapes want the device to be as beginner friendly as they can make it. They do not offer a complicated device with many different settings and full customizability. Instead, they use their vaping expertise to give you things the way they know is best.

The device is inhale-activated. This means that you only need to plant your lips around the mouthpiece and breathe in the vapor. The device will automatically detect that air is flowing through it and infuse this air with the vape oil.

This device may not be perfect for the vaper with fifty different mouthpieces and their own home vape oil creation setup. Instead, it offers simplicity, sleek styling, and the ability to get rid of it when you finish.

If you are the kind of person who wants things a little more complicated, though, you are still catered to. The FB1000 Pod Kit 1000mAh is an alternative option that you can refill and reuse to your heart's content. 

How It Feels

ELF Bar devices are very popular with people who are starting to use vapes for the first time. This is because the preferred method of vaping with them is very much like that used when smoking. As a "mouth-to-lung device", it gives a much easier experience than with other vaping methods.

Because of the inhale-activated vaping mentioned above, any user will also not need to press any buttons or touch controls. All they need to do is inhale for ELF Bar disposable vapes to work to their full potential.

Those using the ELF Bar device report that it feels very alike to all other inhale-activated vapes. Thus, you should not worry about any new techniques that you need to learn when using them.

On top of the above, the process of vaping with this device is analogous to smoking a nicotine cigarette. As such, many people have started to use them as alternatives to smoking and to help them with their smoking cessation.

Many vapers report that they feel much more comfortable vaping rather than smoking. This is especially pronounced when using a device that comes as second nature to the vaper. With ELF Bar devices available, this might be the perfect time to switch.

How It Tastes

ELF BAR does not scrimp on the options for their vapes. With so many different options, we cannot choose any single flavor to call the best. On top of this, the inherent problem with flavors is that their enjoyment is very subjective.

We recommend that you investigate the options available to you. There is little doubt that you will be able to find something that you enjoy as a vape. The following are some of the flavors that we kept going back to:

Cola. I have a sweet tooth, and this flavor brought me back to the flavor of those small sugar-free cola cups I used to have in school.

Cream Tobacco. If you still want the taste of tobacco, for flavor or to help your cravings, this fits that niche. You might want to eventually shift to a different option, but there is no judgment here.

Pink Lemonade. This one tastes like you are out enjoying a picnic on a too-warm day. It is sweet and tart in a way that made me want to mix up a jug of the real thing.

Spearmint. This refreshes your mouth but gives you a strange sensation as you usually expect to be chewing or brushing with a spearmint flavor.

Strawberry ice cream. Ok, I admit it. I wanted this one for the sole reason that I like ice cream, but it surprised me by living up to its promise.

Where Can You Find an ELF Bar Vape?

Now that you understand what ELF Bar vape devices can provide, you might want to investigate them for yourself. Lucky for you, we have a wide selection all ready for you to choose from.

Our shop contains vapes, accessories, and other gear that will take your vaping experience to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our deals today.