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Nicotine is an addictive chemical text.


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Methods to Quit Smoking: The Power of the e-Cigarette

Methods to Quit Smoking


Did you know that nearly 70% of smokers want to quit? Every year roughly 50% of smokers make a quit attempt.

You've tried to stop before, you're probably all too well aware of how tricky quitting cigarette smoking can be. But it is possible. Stats show that three in five adults who have ever smoked quit.

However, it might take quite a few tries before you kick the habit for good. Research indicates that it can take 30 or more quit attempts.

Vaping is one of the methods to quit smoking tobacco that many people have success with. You can use it to wean yourself off nicotine entirely or use it to replace cigarette smoking and stop exposing your lungs to smoke and tar. 

Do yourself and your lungs a favor, and keep reading to find out how e-cigarettes can help with stopping smoking.

Benefits of Vaping

Before we get into how switching to e-cigs can help you quit tobacco, let's first take a look at some of the advantages of vaping over traditional smoking. 

Although vaping isn't 100% risk-free, it is a much cleaner alternative to inhaling tobacco smoke. 

It’s Better for Your Lungs

If you're considering quitting cigarette smoking, you're probably quite aware of its hazards.

The health risks of cigarette smoking can be broken up into two categories. The first is the nicotine content. The second set of risks is tar and smoke inhalation.

Although smoking has a variety of negative effects, the tar build-up in one's lungs is perhaps one of the worst negative health consequences. 

If you switch to vaping, you'll still be consuming nicotine, but your lungs won't be exposed to tar and smoke anymore. This can help you clear up a smoker's cough, decrease congestion, and build up cardio fitness levels. 

It Smells a Lot Better

Most smokers enjoy the smell of fresh tobacco smoke in the air. But stale smoke? Not so much.

What's more, smoking cigarettes impairs one sense of smell. You might not notice that you smell of stale smoke, but others around you definitely will. 

With vaping, you can wave goodbye to stale smoke odors. Instead of stinking of stale cigarette smoke, your hands, hair, and clothes will smell fresh and clean. 

If you smoke indoors, vaping is also a much less-smelly option. 

Vaping Doesn’t Stain Your Teeth With Tar

Another nice perk of vaping is it doesn't stain your teeth nearly as much. Because vaping doesn't expose your mouth to tar, your teeth won't develop nearly as many stains from smoking. 

Heavy vaping can cause some staining of the teeth, as vape juice still contains nicotine. But the absence of tar means any vaping stains on your teeth will be minimal. 

You Can Control Your Nicotine Intake

Another big pro to switching to e-cigs if you're stopping smoking is that you can easily control the nicotine content you're consuming. Vape juices come in a wider range of strengths than cigarettes. 

You can also control the vapor output. If you want less vapor, you can opt for something small like a vape pen or small disposable vapes

Using an e-Cigarette to Wean Yourself off Nicotine

One of the reasons why vaping can be one of the most effective methods to quit smoking is that you can use it to wean yourself off nicotine. Studies done in the UK have shown that vaping can be more effective for quitting than nicotine replacement therapy. 

Because vaping products have such a wide range of strengths you can systematically opt for a lower and lower nicotine content. As you decrease the nicotine content of your vape juice, your body will adjust. This can allow you to gently transition, and eventually end up using very mild vape juices, or even nicotine-free vape juice. 

Weaning With Light Cigarettes Can Backfire

This type of weaning isn't really possible with cigarettes. It can also easily backfire. If you suddenly switch to a very mild brand of cigarettes, the low nicotine content can leave you unsatisfied and craving another cigarette, even though you've just had one. 

Instead of smoking less, this could lead you to end up semi-chain smoking. You might wind up consuming just as much nicotine, get into the habit of smoking more frequently, and inhale a lot more tar and smoke in the process. 

Less Chance of a Heavy Relapse

Another benefit of switching to e-cigs is that you can continue to vape nicotine-free products once you've weaned yourself down to zero nicotine. This can be very helpful for preventing relapses. 

A lot of times, smokers relapse after many years, not because they've physically craving a cigarette, but because they're at a party, having a good time, and the idea of "just one" puff or one cigarette seems harmless and enjoyable. 

Next thing they know, they're back to smoking every day.

With nicotine-free vape products, you can still enjoy the sensation of puffing (and the awesome vape flavors!) without the danger of getting hooked on nicotine again.  

Using e-Cigarettes to Give Your Lungs a Break

Let's be honest, quitting smoking is tough, and not everyone is at the right point in their life to successfully kick nicotine. If you're under a lot of stress, now might not be the best time also deal with nicotine withdrawal.

As we said above, it takes a lot of smokers 30 quit attempts or more to successfully stop smoking. 

If you know that trying to quit right now won't work, but you want to save your lungs from damage, then vaping could be a smart option. 

Quitting cigarette smoking will give your lungs a break from tar build-up and allow them to start repairing themselves. If you're not ready to quit nicotine, you can still enjoy the ritual of smoking, but pay less of a price in regards to your health. 

When you are ready to say goodbye to nicotine, you can try out the weaning process we outlined above. 

Tips for Switching to e-Cig Methods to Quit Smoking

If you're thinking of switching to e-cigs, one of our first tips is to figure out the best way to change over for your personality. Some people do better with a cold turkey switch. Others have better results by progressively swapping out a certain number of cigarettes per day and substituting them with an e-cigarette until they are only vaping. 

Another top tip is to take advantage of disposable vapes, especially in the beginning. Vapes can be expensive and figuring out which model and brand is best for you can be quite daunting. With disposable vapes, you can experiment with brands and flavors without having to lay down a chunk of change on a vape you might not even like. 

Disposable Vapes Makes Switching to e-Cigs Easy

Utilizing a vape can be one of the most effective methods to quit smoking. Vaping can help you get control over your consumption and save your respiratory system tar-related damage. You can even use vaping to wean yourself off nicotine. 

What's more, disposable vapes make trying out vaping easy. For just a few dollars you can pick up a variety of flavors to test out. 

Start making the switch and browse our range of disposable vapes today.