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Nicotine is an addictive chemical text.


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What is Synthetic Nicotine, and Should You Try It?

What is Synthetic Nicotine


Some sources say that as many as 16.5 million Americans have tried vaping as of 2022. This is a considerable percentage of the population who might be trying out different kinds of smoking products. They might want something other than plant-based nicotine for any number of reasons, so, what else could they use?

This article will discuss one of the options, synthetic nicotine, and help you understand why it works as another possibility. By the end of the piece, you should understand the differences between synthetic and regular nicotine. You will also have enough information to know whether it is a good choice for you to use yourself.

What Is Synthetic Nicotine?

Synthetic nicotine is like regular nicotine, although it is not produced via processing tobacco. Instead, creators produce it using a different process that does not need as much water or other resources. The chemical is also free from additives that might appear during tobacco production.

This type of nicotine has appeared in the market for quite some time. It was first isolated from tobacco in 1828 and was first synthesized in the early 1900s.

Recently, synthetic nicotine products have had a significant uptick in the number of people discussing them. This is because now add it to vapes as an alternative to tobacco-based nicotine.

Some of the benefits that are often touted when talking about synthetic nicotine include:

Lack of odor. The smell of the tobacco will not override any other smell you wish to infuse the nicotine product with. It is also less addictive if you are rarely reminded of its existence by a smell.

Lack of taste. One can create a better-flavored product by using other infusions. You do not need to first create something more powerful than the nicotine in flavor.

Purer chemical consistency. The process to create nicotine without tobacco means that you do not end up with any leftover tobacco in the final product. You instead end up with only the nicotine as a purer product.

Fewer health risks. Because the process to create synthetic nicotine does not burn or use tobacco, you do not end up with secondary chemicals in the mix. Some of these chemicals can be harmful to the human body, but with synthetic nicotine, they would not exist.

Where Do People Use Synthetic Nicotine?

Synthetic nicotine largely exists in vaping products and e-cigarettes. Companies produce it in many different countries, including China and India, where they add it to products before they ship it to the USA. Sometimes the nicotine itself gets created in one country and is then shipped to another to combine with the final product.

It exists in e-cigarettes, vapes, and nicotine pouches. People also sell it in a form of "moist snuff" which is much less popular than vapes or disposable e-cigarettes.

Several different companies offer options in how much synthetic tobacco appears in a product. Synthetic nicotine products might contain only the manufactured chemical. Or they might have a mix of synthetic and tobacco-based nicotine.

At present, synthetic nicotine vapes are the most popular choice for synthetic nicotine use. This is especially true among younger people who tend to use disposables.

Are There Any Risks in Using It?

Much like grown tobacco, synthetic tobacco has some risks associated with it. Although, current research suggests that these are no more significant than any other tobacco use.

Nicotine is harmful to those who over-indulge or whose brains are still developing. As such, take care not to offer it to people who are under the legal age of nicotine use in your area.

Also, the amount of tobacco in a product that uses synthetic alternatives is not more or less than in tobacco-based products. As it is just as effective, there is no reason to change the amount used.

Also, as it is a type of nicotine like you would find in cigarettes and vapes, you should not expect it to be helpful if you want to quit smoking. There are other options for attempting to quit out there and if you are thinking of doing so, you should seek out those.

Is It Addictive?

Synthetic nicotine is still nicotine regardless of where it comes from. This means that it has the same potential for addiction that tobacco has. You should follow the same advice about addictive products as with any nicotine product.

Synthetic nicotine is also not a solution to help you quit smoking or vaping. If you want this, you could investigate nicotine replacement therapies or speak with a medical professional.

Other products that exist to help people quit smoking do not have as much nicotine in them. This assists with helping people "wean off" their nicotine addiction.

Why Has It Not Been Popular Before?

Over the past one hundred years, companies have tried to use synthetic nicotine in their products. The issues on the table before now, though, included the high cost of its production as well as the lack of purity in the final product. 

Over time, research into new production methods has led to synthetic nicotine being easier and cheaper to produce. As we approached the early 2022s, newly-patented methods caused the industry to reach a tipping point. It is now far cheaper to create the product artificially than to grow tobacco.

Should You Try It?

Trying synthetic nicotine is a smooth experience that is not affected by the taste or smell of tobacco. You can also have assurances of the exact nature of the product that you are taking.

You should be careful about addictiveness and other issues. If you are, there should be no difference between you trying it and you using other nicotine products.

More on Synthetic Nicotine

With the above information to hand you should have a much better idea of what synthetic nicotine is and whether you should try it yourself or not. Moving forward, you might want to seek out some so that you can experience its benefits for yourself.

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